How to come to TiPAREO ?

TiPAREO is located close to main amenities: Supermarket, bakeries, fish market, restaurants. And also doctors, dentists, pharmacies in Sainte Rose or Deshaies.

Our quality oriented approach

« We offer you more than just a holiday accommodation…»

Our main objective is the full satisfaction of our customers from the first contact to back home. This requirement covers the infrastructures and the services. To do so, we are committed to a quality-oriented approach supported by continuous improvement processes where our guest are at the core. Our 5 commitments

  • Welcoming our guests with smile and kindness
  • Being customer-centered through a customized approach
  • Answering to any request within 24 hours before your arrival, within 2 hours during your stay
  • Working for the protection of the environment as well as promoting Guadeloupe natural biodiversity
  • Contributing to the development of Guadeloupe through out the promotion of Guadeloupe artisans and using as much as products from our garden

Our 3 main pillars

Our offer is a mix of comfort, high-end standards, sustainable development and a customized service

  • High-end approach : modern&contemporary equipped, tastefully decorated, unique furniture, private swimming pool, connected TV
  • Charming villas: made out with exotic woods, typical Caribbean style, homemade furniture and decoration,
  • Ecology : rainwater harvesting, solar panels producing 100% of the daily needs (except swimming pools and air conditioning),  bedroom thermal insulated, A++/+++ appliances, only LED lamps, compost bin, vegetables and fruits from our garden as much as we can, using natural or homemade cleaning products


On request, homemade breakfasts can be prepared and served directly to your villa